Christmas shopping mistakes

Okay, I made a mistake. I used my Discover card to shop for Christmas. Using my envelope system, I’ve saved money week to week for shopping. I got 5% back on Amazon using the card. But still, that $0 balance I just managed to achieve ballooned up to over $200…. It’s a huge step backwards, especially having just closed the old card and switching my account number to prevent online shopping.

I have the money for gifts saved (mostly, maybe short $20-40)…. I can pay off the card right away. That’s the trick now – NEVER TOUCH THE GODDAMNED CREDIT CARD AGAIN.

I put $835 towards my Chase credit card during my last paycheck… That’s a lot of overtime again as well as the payments for Upstart and Discover funneling into that credit card. For the first time in MONTHS, the balance on my Chase credit card is BELOW my maximum… Only $13,600… Oh well, it’s still a step! My check next week should see me putting almost $1,000 more towards that balance.

Christmas can be stressful, but the extra work certainly helps. Come January, I don’t know how much overtime I will be able to pick up. I need to take everything I can get NOW!

Current Debt – December 2018

CREDIT CARDS: $14,118.53 (-$1,630.03 from last post)

  • CHASE: $14,118.53
  • DISCOVER: $0

PERSONAL LOANS: $1,835.13 (-$215.15 from last post)

  • UPSTART: $1,619.88

FEDERAL LOANS: $60,240.00

PRIVATE LOANS: $91,694.00

$167,887.66 total debt


Again, it’s progress little by little. That’s about $2,000 gone. It would have been more if interest wasn’t so high on a lot (especially my Chase credit card). I fell behind in that payment in order to fully pay off my Discover (bad I know), but now I am going to fully tackle that amount yet.

I know that according to the snowball method, I should next be paying off my private Upstart loan. However, based on how high the Chase minimum payment is (over $400) and how high the interest is (24.99%), I would much rather put my focus on that stupid card and get rid of it ASAP before the interest gets out of hand. Upstart will be paid off no matter what by July 2019 (sounds like it’s forever away), but by then I could have a lot more of this credit card paid off… Maybe the whole thing??

We’ll see….

Paid off another debt: my Discover card!

All November I worked overtime. As a nurse, I suppose this is one of the benefits of my job: overtime! In total I probably worked 60 hours a week for 4 weeks straight. That’s one day off a week max. I bet you can imagine how tired I am.

As you know, I am in the process of paying off my lowest debt: my Discover credit card. On November 1st the balance was probably $1,900. Today? ZERO DOLLARS.

It was so hard. My paychecks were really nice, the biggest was $2,500. It’s Christmas, as well. Think of all the gifts I could have bought for myself… Or my family. It took a lot of dedication, but I was able to put $1,900 of my extra income all towards my debt.

What might have taken 6 months to pay off is now gone.


 my envelope system…  It could use better supplies, but it really has helped me to have cash whenever I get paid, sort it accordingly, and use that to budget.


My final Discover payment: $1,084. That’s the biggest single payment I’ve ever put on a credit card (2 weeks ago I paid about $847 towards my balance). It’s scary to hold all that money and essentially get rid of it… But that’s one less card I need to worry about.

Should I cut it up??